SOLUXTEC, new Infogreen's partner !

SOLUXTEC, new Infogreen’s partner !

Soluxtec is an innovative producer of photovoltaic modules and the production philosophy revolves around high quality, high efficiency and aesthetics.

The production site SOLUXTEC GmbH located in Bitburg, Germany offers a unique advantage of site (due to its location at the boarder triangle of Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg and its proximity to France) and facilitates transnational business relationships, as well as short delivery times and individual system engineering.

In contrast to the standard modules used worldwide, Soluxtec has been producing PV modules in with customized dimensions, sizes and colours for more than 10 years in order to meet the various requirements of the customers.

We are proud to label ourselves as ‘Made in Germany’ with a superior quality, skilled craftsmanship, upgraded machinery and more than a decade of experience within the photovoltaic industry.

German manufacturing stands for innovation and quality. Our PV modules are created with the best in class German engineering giving the customer a reassuring feeling with top notch quality and energy efficiency.

Soluxtec has been always at the forefront of continuously teaming up with independent and recognized testing institutions for certifying its modules and making sure it stays up to date with industry-standard benchmarks for technical and mechanical specifications. Our year on year commitment to meet these certification benchmarks demonstrates our commitment to quality and continuous improvement and therefore, always aim to reach the highest standards in the industry.

Our top priority is customer and we always backwards with them in mind. We love to listen and understand the requirements in detail and even though we are still a small company we are faster at advising and processing your request than many others in the industry. This is because of the fact that we are have a small and uncomplicated corporate structure. Be it a requirement of 5 modules or complete truck load, irrespective of the order we treat all customers with equivalent service levels. –

Are you looking for a special solution, be it optical, electric or mechanical ? Contact us - challenge us ! We never say NO and love to take on new challenges to produce modules for a wide range of applications or regulations even in smaller quantities within the scope of our certifications and machine capabilities.

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Publié le vendredi 18 décembre 2020
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