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Terra Matters GIE

Groupement d’intérêt économique (GIE) created in December 2022 in collaboration between the Ministry of the Economy of Luxembourg and the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg.

Its missions are focused around fostering the Circular Economy principles towards companies in Luxembourg but also at a larger geographical level.

The main goal of the GIE is to launch successfully the Product Circularity Data Sheet (PCDS) and develop the future ecosystem around it. In a Nutshell, the PCDS is a fingerprint of the circularity features of any given product at any stage of the value chain that will allow companies to optimize its residual value and hence reduce their overall waste disposal. Above all, the PCDS is aimed at being an affordable, universal and low effort solution.

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TéléphoneTél : (+352) 621 17 12 70
TéléphoneAdresse : 14 rue Erasme, L-1468 Luxembourg

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Jérôme Dierickx – Director
Jérôme Dierickx – Director

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