Boosting accessibility, sustainability and property value in older buildings

Boosting accessibility, sustainability and property value in older buildings

TK Elevator introduces EOX Renew, the newest member of the EOX family of elevators for low and medium-rise residential buildings.

  • EOX Renew is an ultra-flexible elevator that brings future-proof accessibility to existing buildings
  • Its versatility expands on EOX’s impressive eco-efficient & natively digital credentials and brings new life to older buildings.
  • It is designed and produced in Europe using 100% green electricity and requires up to 28%[*] less energy to operate thanks to its regenerative drive technology

While EOX brings premium digital and sustainability features to standard elevators in new buildings, EOX Renew’s ultra-flexible structure delivers these benefits to existing, older buildings, making them ready for the future and accessible for all residents.

Several studies indicate that these measures are urgently required in Europe. According to the European Council, 24% of the total European Union population is living with disabilities, while according to Eurostat, over 21% of Europe’s population is aged 65 years and over. The majority live in Europe’s major cities, where older buildings are often equipped with antiquated 30 yearold elevators, if any.

In Italy alone more than 50% of operational lifts are over 30 years old, while in Spain, more than 5 million people live in apartment blocks of three or more floors with no elevator at all. The challenge in many of these buildings is to preserve their architectural structure, while overcoming their accessibility barriers. For older lifts, the challenge extends to bringing them up to current safety, energy efficiency and accessibility standards while limiting the inconvenience of civil works for building residents.

EOX Renew addresses these specific challenges, enabling a safe, modern and efficient elevator to be installed even in buildings with no existing shaft or no additional interior space. It helps make buildings accessible for everyone, including older residents or those with disabilities, while also increasing their value for building owners – in some cases, by up to nearly 40%.

Vincent Della Valle, Chief Operating Officer of TK Elevator, says, EOX Renew reinforces the value of rejuvenating older buildings, making them attractive and economically viable for residents and owners.” He adds, “Modernising existing structures also plays a vital role in building sustainable cities by helping to reduce carbon emissions from new constructions. We are proud to contribute to this endeavour with a holistic and competitive solution, and are looking forward to our customers experiencing the improved mobility it enables in their buildings very soon.

An elevator for every building

Every building is different, so EOX Renew was designed to fit almost any building. It can be easily installed in the stairwell, on the façade, or in the courtyard. Thanks to the flexible cabin dimensions, compact shaft components, choice of counterweight position, door types and adjustment of floor doors down to the last millimetre, it can build a connection between residents and the outside world in even the most complex of old buildings.

Transporting more people in the same space

EOX Renew makes optimal use of the existing shaft, providing the building with the biggest cabin possible and enabling higher load capacities, improving overall accessibility and travel comfort for passengers.

Installation times are down to the minimum

EOX Renew offers hassle-free installation that reduces civil works to a minimum, thereby reducing any inconvenience for building residents and ensuring cost transparency and on-time delivery of an operational elevator.

Digitally and environmentally sustainable

With buildings in Europe collectively responsible for up to 40% of all energy consumption, EOX Renew delivers a whole host of ways to bring this figure down. A true digital native, it has the built-in capacity to grow and change as technology evolves via over-the-air software updates, making it digitally sustainable. Enhanced energy-efficiency features such as a regenerative drive means it is also capable of recouping energy while operating, and will have a Class A energy efficiency rating. Another feather in its environmentally sustainable cap is that it is shipped from Italy, where our the TK Elevator factory runs on 100% renewable electricity.

Available now Starting today, EOX Renew is available to customers in Spain, Portugal and Italy, and will soon be available in additional European countries.

[*] All comparisons regarding energy are made with TK Elevator’s previous standard configuration for elevators in
the same segment

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Publié le lundi 16 octobre 2023
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