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Call for freedom – part 2/2

Call for freedom – part 2/2

Droits humains & solidarité

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The aim of the MUKTI (MUKTI means freedom) project in Goa is to control trafficking related to commercial sexual exploitation and child sexual abuse. MUKTI is a unique project for ECPAT Luxembourg as it brings in partners from source and destination regions together to foster a collaborative and holistic effort to effectively tackle human trafficking and child sexual abuse in India.

The local association ARZ with the financial support from ECPAT Luxembourg is actively involved in implementing MUKTI project. The ARZ’s team is involved in generating awareness and skills about child sexual abuse among the children and service providers. To combat human trafficking in Goa, ECPAT Luxembourg’s partner ARZ with the support of the government and non-government agencies located in Goa and other states of India is actively involved in the rescue of women and girls commercially sexually exploited. Once rescued, the victims need strong support for their physical and mental rehabilitation. Furthermore enhanced reintegration efforts must be done to reunify the victims with their family and in case of need logistic support is needed for repatriation of the victims to their country of origin.

In 2016, ARZ’s team has successfully rescued more than 100 victims of commercial sexual exploitation in Goa. In collaboration with the Department of Women and Child Development, Goa, ARZ has provided rehabilitation services to around 110 rescued victims lodged at the Government Protective Home for safe custody and rehabilitation. Prevention of re-trafficking of victims for commercial sexual exploitation is a big issue. Therefore support activities are focussed on counselling. Around 100 girls were provided psycho-social-legal services to the victims. Further, 36 children affected by trafficking were provided schooling support. In the last year ARZ has reached out to around 4000 at-risk children in Goa and provided information and skills to prevent and protect themselves from sexual abuse, and commercial sexual exploitation.

So the first 15 months proved to be promising for such a multi-partner project. Lessons were made on how better such collaboration could be strengthened. ECPAT Luxembourg is confident that the MUKTI project will have a great impact and contribute meaningfully to the effort of the Indian government in addressing Human Trafficking and Child Sexual Abuse in India.

Project MUKTI will run until end of 2019.

Project activities in Goa

The project’s budget for the next three years is about 267.000 Euro. Capacity building trainings and workshops are held to

  • government officials to understand and prevent human trafficking ;
  • law enforcement agencies on HT and prevention in source states ;
  • protection home staff on human trafficking and child sexual abuse ;
  • school teaches and vigilance groups to identify and report incidents of human trafficking and child sexual abuse ;
  • organisations operating in source states.

Rescue and rehabilitation activities are :

  • Rescue/Services provided to victims ;
  • Rehabilitation assistance to victims (medical/psychosocial) ;
  • Provision of legal assistance to victims and their families ;
  • Repatriation of victims to home state or home country ;
  • Reintegrate victims within their families or communities ;
  • Job placement and vocational training ;
  • Schooling support for children ;
  • Prosecution ;
  • Home investigations

Feedbacks from key stakeholders

Magistrate : “ARZ services assisted the magistrate in conducting a victim friendly and more informative panel meeting.”

Police : “ARZ participation in rescue helps in conducting rescue.”

Child Welfare Committee : ARZ assistance has helped plan out a child friendly rehabilitation plan as per the interest of the child.

Victims : “They are doing good job. After going from protective home they are providing job and after this the girl will not go in this profession”.
“Felt good after meeting and talking to Arz team”
“They are doing good job, but they should leave the girl as soon as possible”.
“Enjoyed all the activities conducted in protective home”.
“Learnt new things from activity”.

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