Vinçotte provides solutions for hydrogen projects from start to finish

Vinçotte provides solutions for hydrogen projects from start to finish

Hydrogen is a key pillar of the European Green Deal and in July 2020, the European Commission proposed a hydrogen strategy for a climate-neutral Europe. More than €25 billion has already been reserved for this. The desire to become independent from Russian gas is going to further accelerate the conversion of gas to hydrogen.

Hydrogen can be used as a raw material, as a fuel or as an energy carrier and storage medium ; it has many potential applications in industry, transport, energy and construction. Most importantly, its use emits no CO2 and almost no air pollution if the hydrogen is made with e.g., electrolysis based on renewable energy. It thus offers a solution for decarbonising industrial processes and economic sectors where reducing carbon emissions is urgent but also difficult to achieve. All this makes hydrogen essential to support the EU’s drive to be carbon neutral by 2050 and the global effort to implement the Paris Climate Agreement and aim for climate neutrality.

The question now, of course, is how to get started as a company.

That is where Vinçotte can help you. We guide our clients throughout the entire life phase of a hydrogen project.

From concept and business case to engineering. From procurement to construction and finally the commissioning and operation of a new installation. But many existing plants will also have to be converted to work with hydrogen. And there it is also important to thoroughly examine the safety and environmental aspects.

To this end, we have 3 teams of specialists who can help you. Because with an explosive force of 3x that of natural gas, we are dealing with an installation where risk management is of utmost importance.

  1. Team 1 specialises in environmental safety. Vinçotte is recognised in Belgium as an expert for drawing up the legally required environmental safety report.
  1. Team 2 works on risk analysis methods such as HAZOP for hydrogen. It determines the risk of explosions and how to reduce them with preventive measures. Because hydrogen is transported or stored under high pressure, the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) or the Belgian Gas Act also applies. And so here too, Vinçotte’s recognition as a notified body and accredited organism is crucial. To work safely with hydrogen, the structural integrity of the pressure-bearing parts of the installation is also very important.
  1. Team 3 is formed by specialists working on the procedures and processes to prove the origin and carbon footprint of the hydrogen produced. And this is necessary because with fossil-fuel-based grey hydrogen we can obviously not make the energy transition.

Vinçotte has been helping clients with hydrogen H2 questions for several years and has built up unique expertise around hydrogen energy, safety and the environment.

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Publié le vendredi 21 avril 2023
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