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[28-06-2016] LEAN AND GREEN AWARDS 2016
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[28-06-2016] LEAN AND GREEN AWARDS 2016


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lundi 27 juin 2016 à 04:00

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The second LEAN and GREEN workgroup comes to a close and the Cluster for Logistics invites you to the Award Ceremony.

The ceremony will be held on June 28th 2016 at the Solarwind Building in Windhof starting at 17:00

The second Workgroup has been launched six months ago and the participating companies will be disclosed that day.


  • 17h00 Point presse images (photos avec lauréats et véhicule labellisé "Lean & Green" devant le bâtiment) en présence de M. le Ministre François Bausch, ministère du Développement durable et des Infrastructures
  • 17h15-17h30 Opening By Minister François Bausch
  • 17h30 - 17h40 Presentation of the programme "Lean & Green" by Mr Max Nilles, Conseiller de direction at the ministère du Développement durable et des Infrastructures
  • 17h40 - 17h45 Speech by M. Carlo Thelen, President of the Cluster for Logistics
  • 17h45 - 18h00 Award ceremony with Minister François Bausch and Mr Nico Anten, Managing director de Connekt
  • 18h00 - 18h15 Presentations of the Award winners
  • 18h35 - 18h40 Creation of the Club Lean and Green by Mr Malik Zeniti, Cluster ManagerPresentation of the winners
  • 18h40 - 18h45 Presentation of the CO2 -neutral building Solarwind par M. Romain Poulles, president of Ecoinnovation Cluster and ProGROUP
  • 18h45 - 19h30 Networking Cocktail

Companies interested in supporting the LEAN & GREEN initiative can help us by sponsoring the event. Please contact us for the details at +352 42 39 39 848.
LEAN and GREEN is an international stimulation programme by non-governemental organisation Connekt for companies and organizations aiming to encourage businesses and public bodies to move to a higher level of sustainability, by taking measures that yield cost savings and reduce the impact on the environment at the same time. The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure collaborated with the Cluster for Logistics in order to implement the Label for transport & logistics companies in Luxembourg.

The first winners

Arthur Welter, CFL multimodal, Luxair CARGO and POST have been awarded the LEAN and GREEN for Logistics Label on May 18th jointly by the Secretary of State of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, Camille Gira, and Nico Anten, Managing Director of Connekt. From then on, they use the official logo on their trucks and other vehicles.
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Source : www.clusterforlogistics.lu

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lundi 27 juin 2016

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