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HonneyVerse offers you different types of honey produced in the cleanest fields of Moldovan villages. Honey is 100% natural, pure, unpasteurized, unblended and exclusive. Meet Daniela, Head of HoneyVerse.

What were your motivations for creating your start-up ?
I love bees and I love honey. This startup aims to protect bees and perpetuate consumption of good honey.

Back in my childhood, my family and I consumed the honey produced at home, on the cleanest fields around our village. I believe that pure village honey set the base of my strong immunity and good health. Now I’m far from home but the need to consume good honey and maintain my health is even stronger. HoneyVerse is my solution to the people that understand the value of good honey but find it hard to choose the best one. HoneyVerse is the embodiment of the artisan honey I had in my childhood.

Why are you different as indicated on your site ?
HoneyVerse is the most beekeeper-centric commercial company in Europe. We work exclusively with European honey producers that operate under sustainable beekeeping practices.

Tell me about your products
Firstly, all the honey types we sell are produced on the cleanest fields of Moldovan villages. The honey is 100% natural, pure, unpasteurized, unblended, exclusive. In addition, artisan beekeeping processes guarantees the preservation of all nutrients important for our health.

No bee suffered and no land was damaged during production, keeping intact the natural balance between bees, land and human.

We guarantee fair payment to our ethical beekeepers, trying to help them reaching international markets.

How can we get them ?
All our honey types are proudly displayed on oure-shop. We deliver to your door all over Luxembourg. For consumers living around Luxembourg borders, we propose delivery at the workplace.


Who are your customers ?
Honey is a key product to consume for all people starting from 1 year old due to the honey’s extraordinary healing and immunity boosting properties. Among the key customers, we consider children, teenagers, elderly people, and those showing unstable health symptoms.

Bees must be protected. What’s your way of doing it ?
We say that ALL BEES must be protected, meaning honeybees as well as wild bees. How we do that ? By keeping intact, the natural balance between plants and all the bees around them, we are not privileging any of them. We leave the nature do its job.

Do you have any new projects ?
We are now capable of supplying all the consumers from Luxembourg as well as arranging timely deliveries. For that, we efficiently use our platform honeyverse.eu to actively interact with our clients and understand their needs.

In the near future, we plan to extend our sales channels to coffee and tea shops, convenient stores and outdoor markets so that more people could hear about us and choose the honey that fits their tastes and needs.

At the same time, we are looking for new village honey providers from different corners of Moldova and other European countries in order to increase our diversity of honey types.

How can we help you ?

HoneyVerse is small but ambitious. We want to grow big, and so will our impact. In order to achieve this goal, we need people to see us, understand what we do and, finally, trust us. If you can help us intensify our visibility on social media or connect us with people or companies which share similar values with us, that would be valuable for HoneyVerse.

Informations : www.honeyverse.eu

Interview : Sébastien Yernaux

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jeudi 9 septembre 2021

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Recherche & Eco-Innovation
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