TK Elevator installs new elevators at the Formula 1 racetrack in Italy

TK Elevator installs new elevators at the Formula 1 racetrack in Italy

Two customized elevators were inaugurated on the occasion of the 1000 Miglia race. TK Elevator designed limited edition control panels and Ferrari-red glass walls for the eleva-tors. They are part of a wider project to modernize and redesign the Autodrome with a view to sustainable event management.

The 1000 Miglia race, which will see antique cars driving through the historic Imola Formula 1 circuit, will also see the inauguration of two customized elevators produced by TK Elevator in collaboration with the Sirimed studio. The elevators were exclusively created for the Enzo and Dino Ferrari International Autodrome. The circuit returned as a Formula 1 host in 2020 and celebrates its 70th anniversary this year.

We are delighted that our new elevators at the Imola circuit can be inaugurated on the occasion of the 1000 Miglia race,” said Omar Riva, General Manager of TK Elevator in Italy, adding, “It is a doubly special event, both for the fans and for the territory of Emilia-Romagna, since it comes after weeks in which the local population have been put to the test by dramatic weather conditions. It is a signal, albeit a small one, of a restart.

The two new elevators will be officially opened to the public on June 13th when the historic race will go through the city of Imola and the Autodrome. They have been custom-built as part of the recent modernization of the racetrack’s infrastructure with a view to making it more accessible and sustainable. The elevators will serve the new pedestrian walkway built above the racetrack pits and will enable spectators, particularly VIP guests and journalists, to easily move between the press and race areas without passing through the paddock.

With walls in Ferrari red glass, specially designed limited-edition “TKE for Imola” control panels, and a total load capacity of three tons, the new elevators are unique elements guaranteeing safe vertical mobility towards the grandstands and supporting optimal management of passenger flows. These elevators can transport up to 52 people per trip at a speed of 1 meter per second and boast a 10-inch TFT multimedia display for in-cabin messages.

We are proud to contribute to the redesign of the Autodrome, which represents the history of racing in Italy and continues to be a prestigious and modern venue, hosting events such as For- mula 1 as well as the 1000 Miglia,” continued Omar Riva. Our contribution in terms of innovative vertical mobility solutions provides ever greater accessibility and inclusion at major sporting events. If we consider that by 2035 there will be a 70% increase in travelers with reduced mobility or disabilities*, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that facilities are accessible and bar- rier-free, as well as offering more services to make their experiences comfortable.”

*Istat estimates for Italy - Rapporto ”Conoscere la disabilità”, (Report “Getting to know disability“), 2019

Press release by TK Elevator

Publié le mardi 14 novembre 2023
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