The CSR reference publication Guide ESR in english

The CSR reference publication Guide ESR in english

The INDR, the Luxembourg Institute for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility, has just announced that the reference publication on corporate social responsibility (CSR) Guide ESR is now available in English.

The rise of Corporate Social Responsibility consideration shows businesses understand its benefits. CSR is a strategic tool that offers a clear package of actions to meet society’s problems relevant to companies’ activities and offers sustainable solutions both for them and for society. As a recognised CSR player in Luxembourg, INDR aims to accompany all businesses in their CSR strategy.

The additional edition of the Guide ESR comes in response to a growing demand of international companies to INDR. The Guide ESR is presented as the CSR reference publication in Luxembourg. The initial version, in French, was launched in 2020 and was developed with national CSR stakeholders, with the support of the ministry of economy of Luxembourg. It seeks to accompany companies from all sectors and size in adopting CSR and to raise awareness about their responsibilities.

The guide identifies the main expectations of society towards companies and gives an overview of the relevant CSR themes. It covers best practice and offers, through action that can be taken swiftly, solutions tailored to businesses, whatever their size and sector. It is organised into 4 sections - CSR strategy, Governance, Social and Environment - that include objectives, divided into CSR topics. Broken down into 40 objectives and 129 practical sheets, the publication explains in a concrete manner how a company can contribute to sustainable development and helps companies to implement CSR in reality. “CSR is the best strategic tool to strengthen the resilience of the company, develop the potential of its employees and achieve its energy and environmental transition” said Jean-Paul Olinger, director at INDR.

This guide is part of the INDR national ESR programme that offers 3 levels of services to meet companies’ needs : understanding CSR, online self-assessment preparation and support in achieving the label ESR – ENTREPRISE RESPONSABLE. Since 2010, more than 1,600 businesses have been introduced to CSR. The 270 ESR labelled businesses currently employ more than 64,000 employees in Luxembourg, forming one of the largest responsible business networks in Europe.

On top of this, any ESR-labelled company automatically obtains the Responsibility Europe label, the most credible international CSR label available which is delivered by INDR together with French AFNOR and Swiss Ecoparc organisations.

Publié le mercredi 21 décembre 2022
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