Ramborn Cider Co new Infogreen's Partner !

Ramborn Cider Co new Infogreen’s Partner !

Ramborn is a Luxembourgish cider and juice producer. Our purpose is to combat the climate crisis while supporting local economies and communities by protecting the natural environment in and around Luxembourg and reviving the culture of cidermaking.

Our impact is to replant these meadow orchards year in, year out, and to help the communities and ecosystems flourish throughout our value chain and beyond. We believe business should work for everyone and we envision a global economy that uses business as a force for good.

As Luxembourg’s first cider company, Ramborn is working to revive traditional meadow orchards, putting good use to the otherwise wasted fruit, and breathing new life into orchards throughout the region. Today we work with more than 100 farmers to revive, maintain and improve traditional orchards, paying a fair price for their fruit.

Ramborn has directly impacted the protection and revival of nearly 1 million m2 of richly biodiverse habitat, home to over 5,000 species. Ramborn have removed over 42,000kg of CO2 from the atmosphere, equivalent to about 17.5g per bottle of cider – even more for juices ! - making the entire business carbon negative. Over 850 000 Kg of food waste has been saved due to the cider production, equivalent to 57% of all the fruit Ramborn has pressed to date.

Ramborn started with a simple idea, to use hundreds of tons of apples and pears from the ground that weren’t being used and buy at a fair price to make cider and perry.

We are perhaps most well-known for our original medium dry cider, and our international gold medal winning perry. We have recently launched a range of non-alcoholic drinks, including a delicious apple soda and a selection of pure juices. We only use the freshly pressed juice of apples and pears grown exclusively in traditional orchards of large, standard trees. No concentrate. No industrial plantations.

Suivez-nous sur Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/rambornciderco/
Contact : info@ramborn.com

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Publié le mardi 20 avril 2021
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