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Projection – OUR MOTHER'S LAND

Projection – OUR MOTHER’S LAND

18 avril 2024
Cinema Bamhaus, Dommeldange train station

Join us for a docu-series on the themes of Transition Days 2024

Between February and May 2024, a screening of one film for each theme of the Transition Days Festival will be held throughout Luxembourg. Each theme will be represented by a short documentary presenting solutions around Food sovereignty, Respect of Living Systems, Economic transition, Democratic transition, Territories in transition, Energy Transition and Societal transition.

Each film will be followed by a workshop for reflection and debate with the attendees, as well as a graphic recording of the session. We will discuss a variety of questions related to the film, mainly how we can act and bring about change at our level in Luxembourg.

Across Indonesia, hundreds of rural communities are in conflict with corporations seeking control of their resources. When they push back, they face the wrath of the state. In « Our Mothers’ Land », from The Gecko Project and Mongabay, journalist Febriana Firdaus travels to meet women who have risen to lead social movement ; facing violence, imprisonment, and judgement from conservative societies as they fight for their rights.

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Leo Plunkett (Director/Editor/Cinematographer), Febriana Firdaus – (Writer/Producer), Tom Johnson (Producer)

Year : 2020 | 55 min , Original Version, Subtitles in French and English

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Publié le mardi 9 avril 2024
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