One sustainable solution, benefits for many companies

One sustainable solution, benefits for many companies

Luxinnovation, in partnership with several partners, creates several solutions that assist different groups of companies to become more sustainable. We examine some of the existing sustainable solutions and others in the pipeline.

The adage “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together,” encapsulates the ethos behind what’s referred to as “sustainable solutions for groups of companies”. These are essentially pilot projects or ideas in the conception phase that help multiple groups of Luxembourg companies become more sustainable.

A single solution could target groups of companies with identical interests or companies in similar industries or geographical locations,” explains Johnny Brebels, Director Company Relations and Support at Luxinnovation.

Luxinnovation and its partners from key institutions and companies frequently explore potential projects (or solutions) that can be developed to fast-track the sustainable transition of Luxembourg companies.

Advisory groups composed of industry experts, ministries and research entities within a specific sector have discussions several times a year to develop ideas that then go through several stages of scrutiny before a solution is put forward. Evaluations are conducted based on the scope of the solution, the level of stakeholder engagement, the business case and added value to the Luxembourg economy and business landscape.

Existing and pipeline sustainable solutions

The “e-Holzhaff” solution for the wood sector is one key example. The digital marketplace for wood products and services was launched in September 2022 by the Luxembourg Wood Cluster and the Ministry of the Economy to connect the supply and demand for wood products in order to scale regional wood flows and the use of wood in construction.

The recently concluded Circular by Design Challenge is another example. Companies from Luxembourg and Europe develop their innovative and sustainable projects through a 12-week coaching programme and receive financial support for their projects that are in line with specific themes selected each year.

A pilot study is currently underway for the creation of a deconstruction materials platform to facilitate the reuse of materials and products from demolished buildings. When implemented, this solution will be able to benefit several groups of companies in construction and help to avoid waste in the sector.

Other projects targeting plastic and concrete recycling in Luxembourg, as well as those aimed at the food supply chain and the crafts sector, to strengthen sustainable practices, are in different planning stages.

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Publié le lundi 5 juin 2023
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