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Driving sustainable transformation

In a world where technological innovation meets environmental responsibility, Fujitsu is leading the charge towards a more sustainable future.

We sat down with Nathalie Struck, the driving force behind Fujitsu’s Sustainability Services Department in Western Europe, to delve into her role, vision, and the transformative impact of sustainability on Fujitsu’s operations and beyond.

Let’s kick off by having you describe your role and how it aligns with Fujitsu’s strategy.

My role is to lead the Sustainability Services Department for Western Europe and be part of the regional management team. We cover several countries, from Denmark to Spain, and our purpose is to support our customers on their sustainability journey while aligning with Fujitsu’s global commitment to sustainability.

Our vision is to pioneer a transformative approach by integrating innovative technology with sustainable strategies. We recognize technology’s pivotal role in sustainability and aim to bridge the gap between tech innovation and organizational responsibility. By ensuring sustainability is integrated into every IT solution, we empower businesses to succeed while being mindful of their impact on the planet and society.

How do you envision your department adding specific value to each country within Fujitsu and to Fujitsu and its customers overall ?

Our department enables local organizations to leverage sustainability consulting expertise tailored to their specific needs. While our countries may vary in maturity levels, our team provides invaluable support across different industries and sustainability themes. By combining sustainability know-how with local technological expertise, we guide customers comprehensively on their sustainability journeys, thus strengthening Fujitsu’s position as a trusted business partner.

We not only enhance customer relations but also reinforces Fujitsu’s position as a leader in IT plus sustainability. We’re building a community that fosters collaboration and learning across borders, empowering individuals to contribute to a more sustainable future. Additionally, our focus on sustainability champions and internal awareness raises the bar for our organizational impact and individual accountability.

“Sustainability champions” ? What are their roles ?

Sustainability champions serve as advocates for key sustainability themes across the European organization. They play a vital role in promoting awareness and driving action on critical sustainability issues. By fostering collaboration on a regional scale, they amplify Fujitsu’s impact on sustainability.

How does your department connect with Fujitsu’s internal sustainability initiatives ?

While primarily focused on external-facing practices, we’re closely tied to internal initiatives. By raising awareness and integrating sustainability into our offerings, we contribute to Fujitsu’s broader objectives. Our community approach promotes collaboration and knowledge-sharing, aligning with Fujitsu’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

Fujitsu’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond mere business strategy ; it is a core value that drives positive change. Through innovative approaches and collaborative efforts, Fujitsu is poised to revolutionize sustainability practices not just within its own operations, but across diverse industries and global borders.

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Publié le mardi 12 mars 2024
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