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AiRMOUR Masterclass

AiRMOUR Masterclass

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and how it can support Emergency Medical Service (EMS) operations.

LuxMobility in partnership with EUROCONTROL will hold a two-day masterclass to bring together learners on the AiRMOUR training curriculum and interested stakeholders to build their knowledge on the topic of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and how it can support Emergency Medical Service (EMS) operations.

When ? 10:00 – 16:15 7th and 8th December

Where ? EUROCONTROL’s aviation learning centre, Luxembourg

How much ? Free to attend. Registration is required.

Learning style : It is an in-person event and not available to view online due to the interactive nature.

To register
, click on the link below :

Summary of course content

On day one, an introduction will be given on the topic of Urban Air Mobility to provide context for the training and then speakers will discuss topics including the integration of UAM aircraft into medical services and integration in a city context.

A workshop activity will give participants the opportunity to put their learnings into practice. Each group will be assigned a different city with distinct factors to consider in terms of topography, land use and local socio-economics.

Participants will be asked to design a flight route within the city for a medical use case of their choice (guidance will be provided).

The first day will end with each group feeding back their ideas followed by guidance and reflections from the experts.

On day two, speakers will present an overview of the role of governance in drone operations, assessing risks and impacts of drone operations and the importance of stakeholder and public engagement.

Ehang Scandinavia will unveil the AiRMOUR delivery drone used for flight demonstrations as part of the project.

Participants will then be asked to build upon the work of the group activity from day one by planning in more detail their proposed medical drone operation, taking into account new information such as ground risk, infrastructure, environmental conditions, public acceptability etc.

This will be followed by a feedback session and guidance and reflections from the experts with a demonstration of how a drone operator would plan a route for a medical operation.

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