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Mashav Energia SARL

Mashav Energia is a leading, independent company producing electricity by converting wind and sun to energy.

Mashav Energia is a leading, independent company producing electricity by converting wind and sun to energy.

We focus on development, construction and operation of wind farms in Poland. Benefitting from our strong and well-established relationships with the largest international construction companies, turbine suppliers, law firms and financial institutions operating in the Polish market, we implement large investments in the field of wind and photovoltaic energy. Our latest investment, the Potegowo wind farm, is the largest on-shore wind farm in Poland.

We strongly believe in regional development. In our operations, we respect the local ecosystem, for the development of communities and economies. Wind turbines have a proven blade pitch angle adjustment system incorporating the latest improvements in the field of load control, low noise emission, efficient conversion of electricity, and reliable efficiency. It is estimated that the construction of the Potegowo wind farm will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 514,000 tons per year.

In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the investment will also contribute to reducing combustion-related emissions. Environmental noise standards (40 or 45 dB at night) will not be exceeded anywhere in the villages close to the project. The shadow flicker effect, despite the lack of legal regulations in this respect, will be voluntarily monitored by the company. The wind turbine system has been designed in such a way as to by-pass bird migration routes, bird groupings, feeding or nesting areas. The project was included in regional development plans and it will provide additional tax revenues for local communities, among other things, in the form annual property fees. The implementation of the investment will bring other benefits for local communities, including the reconstruction of energy installations, new employment opportunities, and improvement of local road infrastructure. The Combination of strong relationship with all stakeholders involved is best recipe for long term susses.

The company is controlled by Israel Infrastructure Fund – an expert in infrastructure investments with international experience, optimising the long-term value of its investments. Its minority shareholders are : CERAC (a group of experienced local energy experts), CME, and the renewable energy investment fund Helios. The recently opened Luxemburgish office, located in Europe’s financial hub, assures financing and innovative management services. Mashav Energia are experts in wind and sun disposing of all necessary resources human and financial to construct a successful green energy production plant.


TéléphoneAdresse : 90, route d’Arlon
L-1150 Luxembourg

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