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Technical Assistant for enhanced mobilisation of resources for climate action (m/f)

Services Designation : Technical Assistant for enhanced mobilisation of resources for climate action for Project CVE/401 – “Strengthening Climate Governance and Climate Action in Cabo Verde”

Location : Praia, Cabo Verde
Starting date : 01.06.2023
Duration : 12 months, renewable

1. Background

CVE/401 intends to strengthen climate governance and climate action in Cabo Verde. The aim is to contribute to achieving a paradigm shift, combining emission reductions with socio-ecological resilience and physical resistance of the citizens, ecosystems, and assets in the face of climate change.

The overall objective of this intervention consists in supporting Cabo Verde in the implementation by 2025 of its new climate policy, as materialised by the recent Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC - March 2021) and National Adaptation Plan (NAP - July 2021), setting-up a consolidated climate governance resulting in a more climate resilient and low-carbon country. The specific objective seeks to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of climate governance and climate action allowing to operationalise the Enhanced Transparency Framework and thereby assisting the country in meeting its international climate commitments as defined in the 2015 Paris Agreement (signed by Cabo Verde in 2016).

The intervention logic is defined along two result areas which pursue to help bridge the gap between the current and projected climate governance (result 1) with the primary beneficiary being the governance/institutional level, and the adaptation and mitigation situation (result 2) benefitting the most climate vulnerable populations and ecosystems of Cabo Verde.


The Technical Assistant will assist the Climate Action Programme in the definition and implementation of a plan to further mobilize resources for enhanced climate action in the scope of the implementation of the Cape Verdean Updated National Determined Contribution (NDC) and National Adaptation Plan (NAP) - September 2022.


Implementation of the activities :

  • Follow-up on programme launch ;
  • plan the tasks and activities of the programme ;
  • participate in the implementation of the tasks and activities, the steering committees, the progress monitoring meetings and the meeting with the technical and financial partners ;
  • implement specific technical activities :

- elaborate recommendations for an enhanced access to climate financing, technology and technical capacity from bilateral, multilateral and private sources contributing to the revision of the legal framework and institutional arrangements concerning the effective and efficient coordination of climate change issues in Cabo Verde in order to implement the Updated NDC and the NAP and revise, monitor and evaluate it in these aspects, engaging all relevant actors at the public and private sector and within the civil society,
- support the implementation of the legal framework and the institutional arrangements in what regards resources’ mobilisation and coordination of such activity among the various actors as above,
- elaborate recommendations to further integrate climate change financing in the most relevant national, sectoral and municipal resources’ mobilisation instruments to guarantee that all contribute to the climate effort,
- support the elaboration of project proposals,
- monitor and support the elaboration or revision of Green Climate Fund (GCF) existing proposals and others that may be elaborated for the same source or other sources of financing, multi or bilateral, aiming at climate governance and action,
- contribute to the articulation of the various actors (public, private and civil) aiming at better coordination to increase the quantity, efficiency and effectiveness of the resources allocated to climate action,
- contribute to the definition of the technical contents of trainings,
- provide contributions to the Biennial Transparency Report (BTR) to be submitted in 2024 and to the updated NDC and NAP to be drafted in 2025,
- prepare explanatory notes and presentations for meetings and seminars.

  • ensure programme’s wrap-up if applicable.

Monitoring results

  • contribute to the update and follow-up the Objectively Verifiable Indicators (OVI).

Managing information

  • reporting ;
  • knowledge management ;
  • ensure capitalization ;
  • contribute to the management of communication.


  • Degree or higher in public finances, economy or equivalent ;
  • at least 10 years of experience in international climate financing ;
  • proven experience in international cooperation and financial instruments of the United Nations Framework on Climate Change with demonstrated success in supporting the access to those in SIDS being considered an asset ;
  • demonstrated experience in design, establishment and capacity building related to the implementation of resources’ mobilisation/climate financing plans ;
  • in-depth knowledge of global climate policy process including Paris Agreement on climate change and implementation of the related financing mechanisms ;
  • working knowledge supporting implementation of climate policies and resources’ mobilisation plans in Small Island Developing States ;
  • experience in partnership building and networking ;
  • deep knowledge of bilateral, multilateral and private financing mechanism related to climate change ;
  • proficient in English and Portuguese, French is considered an asset ; and
  • full computer and online working literacy
  • knowledge of SIDS characteristics and specificities regarding climate financing and other resources’ mobilization
  • Experience in climate projections ans socio-economic scenarios’ definition and use of data analysis

How to apply :

Please apply via our website :
Deadline : 21 April 2023

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