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Lunch-Talk : Who are the real fashion victims ?

Lunch-Talk : Who are the real fashion victims ?

JEUDI 21 AVRIL 2022 DE 12:15 À 13:30

Lunch Talk : Who are the real fashion victims ?

The collapse of the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh in 2013 has left a lasting impression on the minds of fashion consumers. Among the 1,134 dead and 2,500 injured victims of this tragic accident, the majority were workers making clothes for Western brands.

Rana Plaza has become a symbol of the abuses of the fast fashion industry and has triggered numerous initiatives worldwide. In this context, the Rethink your Clothes campaign, supported by the Directorate of development cooperation, has decided to join forces with two NGOs, Fashion Revolution Luxembourg and Friendship Bangladesh, to remind us of the heavy human toll of our clothes and to identify solutions to STOP Fast Fashion !

With @fashionrevolutionluxembourg, @rethinkyourclothes,
Friendship @coloursofthechars

Place : Friendship Colours of the Chars Pop-up Store , 22 Grand-Rue, Luxembourg city

Finger food and drinks provided

Registration mandatory and free

Moderator : Filip Westerlund

More information : https://www.facebook.com/events/394067476054372/?ref=newsfeed

Publié le lundi 11 avril 2022
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