Labio Analytics Group Sarl, new In4Green's partner !

Labio Analytics Group Sarl, new In4Green’s partner !

Labio Analytics Group is developing “all-in-one” GC-UV technology, that enables high-sensitive measurements of liquid and gas samples catering to a wide range of applications in the fields of industry, environment, and life science.

Analytical Solutions for Industry, Environment and Life Science

Our versatile and user-friendly platform is designed for a wide array of sectors, from materials science and biofuels to environmental sustainability and beyond. Labio Analytics Group Sarl excels in aiding innovative companies with quality control and in serving as a cornerstone for decarbonization efforts by enabling rigorous and reliable quality assurance. Our sophisticated software further enhances our innovative product lineup, enabling groundbreaking analytical achievements.


  • controls quality in a production process
  • identifies and quantifies substances - determines purity.
  • enables a full scan analytical method at trace level.
  • analyses volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • monitors environmental pollutants.

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Publié le vendredi 13 octobre 2023
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