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La Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg recrute !

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lundi 8 juin 2020 à 16:41


Economic and Commercial Attaché in charge of the trade relations between the U.K. and Luxembourg (m/w)

The Chamber of Commerce is the flagship institution of Luxembourg’s businesses and economy, representing all Luxembourg businesses engaged in the industrial, commercial, financial, services, and hotel and catering sectors.

Today, it represents some 90,000 businesses accounting for 80% of Luxembourg’s GDP and 75% of total salaried employment.

The promotion of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial spirit, support for the development and internationalisation of businesses, the development of initial and continuing vocational training and the promotion of a legislative and regulatory framework conducive to economic development are some of the key legal missions of this public establishment serving businesses and the economy.



As ‘Economic and Commercial Attaché in charge of economic and commercial relations between the United Kingdom and Luxembourg’, you will contribute to the optimisation of creating added value for the member companies of the Chamber of Commerce Group by assisting and advising Luxembourg companies wanting to extend their activities to the United Kingdom.

Your responsibilities include, but are not limited to, participating in defining and implementing the following tasks (non-exhaustive list) :

a) Promoting economic and commercial relations between Luxembourg and the United Kingdom.
b) Analysing and prospecting the potential of the UK economy for Luxembourg companies.
c) Analysing and prospecting various regional/specific initiatives and their potential for Luxembourg companies.
d) Raising awareness among British decision-makers of the advantages and potential of Luxembourg as a headquarters, location, or distribution site.
e) Ensuring the smooth functioning of business relations in close cooperation with the network of regional chambers of commerce (British Chambers of Commerce, BCC ; and Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe, COBCOE), others active in promoting foreign trade, and through the network of honorary consuls.
f) Drafting of market analyses (market data, trends, import-export, prices, etc.).
g) Providing assistance and advice to Luxembourg companies wanting to expand their activities or establish themselves in the United Kingdom.
h) Providing advice on distribution structures, legal frameworks, and competition, in the post-Brexit environment in particular.
i) Prospecting and analysis of trade fairs with a view to setting up collective stands.
j) Assisting Luxembourg organisers in setting up economic activities in the United Kingdom.
k) Promotion and public relations for Luxembourg companies and products.
l) Management of collective stands organised by the Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom.
m) Providing advice and liaising between Luxembourg structures and British companies wanting to establish or extend their activities in Luxembourg.

Your office is based at the Luxembourg Embassy in London and you regularly report to the Embassy and the Chamber of Commerce.


  • Dynamic and diverse work in the world of economics
  • Attractive remuneration based on your education and experience as well as your professional skills
  • Support that is adapted to your skills
  • Interesting career prospects

The future employee will be considered to be posted to the United Kingdom and will be part of the Embassy’s team, where they will also have an office. Their employer, the Chamber of Commerce of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, will organise a visit of several weeks to Luxembourg as an introduction to the role.

More information :https://app.skeeled.com/offer/5eda1...

Publié le
lundi 8 juin 2020

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