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We love ECPAT
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We love ECPAT

Droits humains & solidarité

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ECPAT Luxembourg is working with its local partners in Mali since 2001. As ECPAT Luxembourg is registered as NGO in Mali, a regional executive office located in Bamako in Mali coordinates and follows up the different cooperation projects in the West African region since 2007. The regional office team works hand in hand with local partners and public authorities to stop commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC). Recently the team has developed a training box on CSEC - a premiere in Mali.

The regional office in Bamako is composed of three persons, who have strong reasons to work for ECPAT Luxembourg.

Fabienne, legal representative and project coordinator : “I am a welfare worker and since 1990 I am working for Luxembourgish NGOs. I chose this way because I was driven by the willingness to contribute to a broader humanistic targeted society project and because the passion for Africa took over me and grasped me firmly since my first trip to Africa in 1987. Since 2007 I am in the cooperation service of ECPAT Luxembourg and for almost ten years I’m settled down in Mali to represent ECPAT Luxembourg in Mali and to supervise the projects.

These ten years just rushed like a star away to such an extent my work is passionate. It fulfils me to work every day in a different cultural, economic and social environment. Living and working in Mali shape me positively and it is stimulating to brainstorm with my colleagues in Mali to find new ways how children can be better protected from sexual exploitation for commercial purposes (CSEC). Meeting regularly homeless children, their families, members of the social centres and communicating with all of them in order to better understands the pains, the sufferings is inspiring. Personally it is quite satisfying to share my professional experience and background with the local social workers in order to improve the socio-psychological assistance programs of the child and to participate to CSEC workshops and child protection meetings.

ECPAT’s mission is an honourable one and the work is largely appreciated in Mali. People’s encouragement and respect for our work is balm for the soul. In complete modesty I think I can say that up so far we guided thousands of people throughout the information, education and sensitisation actions held in villages and urban zones and we were an anchor for hundreds of children to give them back a sense to live. Nonetheless there lies still work ahead of us especially the legal framework must be applied to punish the abusers. I am strong-willed to continue my commitment towards the children of Mali with the goal for a Mali without children who are victims of CSEC.”

Boubacar, in charge of finances and administration : “Graduated from a Master in Management from the National School of Administration of Bamako, provided by strong professional experience of eight years as financial director for the global player NGO “Action Against Hunger”, I joined coordination office in Bamako of ECPAT Luxembourg in 2010. I am very pleased to be part of the execution of the Luxembourgish NGO’s mission and activities in Mali namely to protect and support sexual exploited.

By carrying out ECPAT Luxembourg’s cooperation projects in Mali the NGO broke the social taboo ban and made public what had remained silent : a voice was given to the victims. During these years of work I could enhance my professional skills and I enlarged my professional background and experience in the child protection sector. Today I strongly empower the administrative and financial capacities of my colleagues working in other NGO’s and that makes me proud.

The last years I could either evolve beyond my function attributed in the office and I got included in all different working aspects of the office : e.g. I participated in a project design workshops in Bamako and I really appreciated the office’s approach to enlarge my knowledge. Getting a global view on our work allows me to polyvalent and the most important added value is that I can put a story to the project budgets I treat. So I can really say that my work satisfies me very much by the diversity of the tasks I have and I feel honored to work actively for a better place for children’s. And I do not get tired !

Halimatou, in charge of project management : “I am a lawyer and worked for five years as an investigator with engineering offices in Mali on issues of women and children in rural and disadvantaged areas. In May 2013, I joined the team of ECPAT Luxembourg as a legal assistant to follow up together with the lawyer of the project the complaint files of minor girl’s victims of CSEC in the courts and the Court of Appeal of Bamako.

Since June 2015, I got an advancement to be project manager. So once or twice a month I go to the centers of social assistance in Bamako to monitor activities and meet the children supported by our project. I meet also children living on the street and from time to time I join our partners on street trips.

These field follow-ups and the meetings with children allow me to understand better the social context’s circumstances and causes, the consequences and suffering of these children. Facing reality and being witness of the resources difficulties allows me to analyses better our weakness in Mali to assure a real child protection. My work within ECPAT Luxembourg strengthens my professional experience and I enlarge my knowledge of child protection and CSEC. Day in day out I am ready to share my energy with those children who did not ask to be in this situation. Personally I am convinced that one child taken out of this despicable situation is a victory for our society.”

ECPAT Luxembourg is proud of the good work done by the team in Bamako. They love ECPAT.LU. Every child victim of sexual exploitation suffers severe physical and psychological injuries, some of which are indelible. The child’s body is no longer his body, and mentally the child has lost self-esteem and self-confidence in life. We have to stop this !

So, let’s stay connected ! Follow us on social media on www.facebook.com/ecpatlux/ or/and www.linkedin.com/company/ecpat-luxembourg. If you have ideas on how to support us please contact c.wantz@ecpat.lu and together we will see what is possible. The circulation of our monthly electronic newsletter will start shortly. First edition will be about “get involved and don’t look away !”, “the lobbying must go on” and “words matter”.

Best regards, the team at ECPAT Luxembourg

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jeudi 13 octobre 2016

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