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WE LOVE ECPAT Luxembourg
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WE LOVE ECPAT Luxembourg

Droits humains & solidarité

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jeudi 27 octobre 2016 à 16:06

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ECPAT Luxembourg is working with its local partners in Nepal since 2008. As ECPAT Luxembourg is registered as NGO in Nepal, a regional executive office located in Bamako in Mali coordinates and follows up the different cooperation projects in the West African region since 2012.

The regional office team works hand in hand with local partners and public authorities to stop commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC). Next year a programme against children through sexual abuse and online sexual exploitation will start in the capital Kathmandu, in Lalitpur (Central Region) and Sunsari (Eastern Region).

The regional office in Kathmandu is composed of three persons, who have strong reasons to work for ECPAT Luxembourg. Read what they have to say :
Amrita Poudyal, program manager at ECPAT Lux’s office at Kathmandu has over 10 years of experience working with vulnerable women and children. Amrita’s passion is in child protection, case handling, prosecution, gender, sexuality and addressing different forms of CSEC manifestations of in South Asia. “South Asian societies still find it hard to accept CSEC as a matter of concern. Not a lot of attention has been given to children who are victims of sexual exploitation. These children are always left behind and coupled with poverty, the likely living environment of these children is dire and extremely vulnerable. My work with EL is to get them out of this mess. And I am passionate about it,” says Amrita.

Neeva Shrestha Pradhan, the admin and finance manager in ECPAT Lux’s office in Nepal is the pillar of Nepal programs. She has been work with EL in Nepal since 2010 and has been part of EL’s many interventions in Nepal. Though a finance person by trade, Neeva has a keen interest on program interventions and is passionate on working with vulnerable children. Neeva finds EL’s presence as growing stronger than ever before. “As a principal organization working in CSEC, EL has lot to contribute in Nepal, and with multiple projects planned from the 2017 AC, we are all poised to bring some solid programs to address CSEC in Nepal.”
Ashish Sinha is a social scientist with a public health background who has worked for many years serving the vulnerable population in Nepal. Ashish joined ECPAT Luxembourg in November of 2015 and feels he has fit into his role as the Country Representative very well. “I would like to ensure that EL is well represented in Nepal and in India… And my intention is to bring meaningful, result oriented programs and to ensure that interventions translate to tangible and meaningful outcomes for children at risk,” says Ashish . With two new CSEC projects currently in operation in Nepal and in India and a recent completion of a meaningful project for children affected by the mega earthquake that struck Nepal in 2015, Ashish and his team are now focused on introducing multiple projects in South Asia and expects a busy and fruitful season from 2017.

ECPAT Luxembourg is proud of the good work done by the team in Kathmandu. They love ECPAT.LU. Every child victim of sexual exploitation suffers severe physical and psychological injuries, some of which are indelible. The child’s body is no longer his body, and mentally the child has lost self-esteem and self-confidence in life. We have to stop this !

So, let’s stay connected ! Follow us on social media on www.facebook.com/ecpatlux/, Instagram and/or www.linkedin.com/company/ecpat-luxembourg.
Best regards, the team at ECPAT Luxembourg

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jeudi 27 octobre 2016

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