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lundi 16 octobre 2017

It's all about water.
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It’s all about water.
Green Planet

Publié le jeudi 30 juin 2016 à 04:00

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As you may know water is the core element of all forms of activity : first of all of biological activities – your body is shaped by billions of cells and each cell contains water ; then by economic, social and cultural activities. Whatever you do your actions are linked with water and therefore with water pollution. By the way do you know that the average water footprint in Luxemburg is six times higher than the world average one.

What do you know about the environmental water related performances achieved in the last twenty years by Luxemburgish governments ? What do you know about the present and future government’s strategy and the national targets to be realised this year, in 2025 and in 2040 in the water sector ?

Maybe something, maybe nothing ! Do you feel well enough informed by the national and municipal authorities on water related topics to feel comfortable ? Or do you regret that a consistent, regular and steady communication about challenges, technical problems, results of studies, data and sustainability projects does not exist ?

Well I think that communication about water related topics can be largely improved and that is the main reason why I will edit this monthly newsletter. Has ever anyone explained to you why you should accept aluminium-added drinking water ? Or why chlorine derivate products are commonly used for disinfection although there exists a much more powerful alternative : H2O2 does not impact your health but it is highly effective against microorganisms. Or who really pays your water bills : you as the water user, the tax payer or even the next generation ? And why Luxemburg does not accept to be fully provided by drinking water coming from Germany, France or Belgium - would it not be easier ?

If you are now curious, so let’s stay connected this year and find out the true stories about water in Luxemburg.

En savoir plus : http://www.wantzconsulting.lu/

Publié le jeudi 30 juin 2016

Green Planet
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