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mardi 26 septembre 2017

Tél : (+352) 26 27 08 09
Fax : (+352) 26 20 06 22
Adresse :
3, rue des Bains
BP 848
2018 Luxembourg LUXEMBOURG
Dirigeant(s) :
Thomas Kauffmann, directeur exécutif,

ECPAT Luxembourg

Online sexual coercion and extortion

jeudi 21 septembre 2017

What is online sexual coercion and extortion ?

Europol’s #SayNo campaign

jeudi 14 septembre 2017

The latest Europol’s report addressing online sexual coercion and extortion (oSCEC) as a form of crime affecting children provides a law enforcement perspective of this online threat and recommends actions as a part of their preventive campaign #SayNo on this (...)

Call for freedom – part 2/2

vendredi 14 juillet 2017

The aim of the MUKTI (MUKTI means freedom) project in Goa is to control trafficking related to commercial sexual exploitation and child sexual abuse. MUKTI is a unique project for ECPAT Luxembourg as it brings in partners from source and destination regions together to foster a collaborative (...)

Call for freedom – part 1/2

jeudi 6 juillet 2017

The project “MUKTI” (meaning freedom) is the combined effort of local government and civil society organisations in the Indian states of Assam, West Bengal, Manipur and Goa to combat human trafficking through providing assistance to the victims and bringing its perpetrators to justice - both in (...)
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